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With the US markets closed for a national holiday on Monday for Labor Day, the only items of fundamental news on the economic calendar for the euro to dollar are in Europe today, with two minor items scheduled for release. The first of these is a composite index, The Sentix Investor Confidence report, which is based on a survey of investors and analysts, and is generally considered to be a leading indicator of the economy. The forecast for today is -13.50, against a previous of -17.0, and with 0 being the tipping point from pessimism to optimism this data is once again expected to show that the economy and market sentiment are improving slowly, but that we have a long way to go before a full recovery is in progress. Should the actual be better than expected then this could be good news for the euro. The only other fundamental news item for today is in Germany with the release of the German Factory Orders data, which is forecast at 2.0% against a previous of 4.5%. Whilst the numbers are down from last time, this may not surprise the markets since this is a monthly data set, and therefore covers the quiet summer months, so whilst the forecast is worse than last time, this is probably only a reflection of the time of year, rather than a deeper underlying malaise.

Finally over the weekend we saw the conclusion of the G20 meeting in London, but as usual there was little meaningful news for the forex markets to absorb, and as a result markets will open today in much the same mood as Friday, but we will have to wait until Tuesday for a return to full trading volumes in the euro to dollar pair.

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